School transportation Dubai-Bab al madina bus & car rental

School Transportation

Our school bus, your new learning journey. School buses are the safest way to travel to school. A school bus provides a safe way of transportation for your child. Comfort and safety, our school bus promise.

Staff bus-Bab al madina bus & car rental

Staff Transportation

Ultimately staff transportation will have a positive impact on business productivity, employee morale, and company performance. When your staff is satisfied, it reflects on their work. staff transportation is necessary and not a luxury.

Labour bus-Bab al madina bus & car rental

Labour Transportation

Labour Transportation clearly benefits for industrial workers who need to get to and from work cost effectively & efficiently. It’s also proved to be hugely beneficial for transportation and the surrounding population as a whole.

Luxury bus-Bab al madina bus & car rental

Luxury Transportation

Choosing a method of transportation can be tricky. The best choice, first consideration for most of us is cost then comfort, convenience & not to mention safety. The fuel efficiency is far better than cars or airplanes.

4x4 Nissan petrol 2023 Platinum

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