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A school bus is a special type of vehicle that is used for the transportation of school kids or school students. For school students transport services one must have a proper bus with all the mandatory accessories.  It is designed in such a way that it looks different from other vehicles on the road. It is prioritized in order to facilitate the school kids while moving on the road. There are different colors for school buses but the most popular is the yellow color bus. In UAE, it must be yellow in color with special and mandatory specifications.

A school bus is given on contract on monthly and yearly basis. There are safety measures for the kids and its security is guaranteed. To hire, lease or contract a bus you must know the year model, the maintenance level & its insurance policy. It must be comprehensively insured to protect the rights of the driver and school students.

School Bus Rentals and School Transport services give the best security to your child and our employees at the same time. Using hi-tech equipment such as CCTV cameras with live-streaming feature. GPS live tracking and RFID student tracking, our Logistics team always have answers to the following information at any given point in time:

  • A. Where are all our school buses ? (GPS trackers)
  • B. What is happening on-board? (Live streaming CCTV footage)
  • C. Which student is on board? (Student RFID trackers)